Original Rust

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Original Rust

100 gram

Product description

Original Rust is a new product with which one creates a real rust effect in one step. It is a product based on iron oxide and iron hydroxide with a special crystal structure. It should be kept in a tightly closed jar so it stays moist.



Original Rust can be used on many different materials. It can be used on metal, paper, wood, texture paste, fabric, styrofoam and much more.



First process the surface with white or black gesso, or with acrylic paint.

The moist granulate is rubbed in one go on the surface to be rusted. The rust effect is immediately visible. You can apply the granulate with a damp cloth or with your fingers. By repeating this, the intensity of the rust effect is variable.

If the granulate has become too dry, simply spray it with tap water (e.g. with a mini minister).

To avoid the rust giving off, use a fixative spray or spray paint. A matte spray is recommended for this, in order to retain the original rust effect as well as possible.



Because Original Rust gives a real rust effect, it is wise to protect your clothing, carpet and other objects from direct contact. You can easily clean your hands with soap.

Original Rust is an environmentally friendly product.