Companystamps/personal stamps

At De Stempelwinkel you can have your companystamps/personal stamps made with for example your name, address and residence, whether or not with a logo or picture.

General texts are also possible.

These stamps are not rubberstamps, but flat stamps with a build-in ink reservoir.


These stamps are available in a lot of sizes. You can make 5000 prints with the built-in ink. After that the stamp can be re-filled.

Only available with black ink.

Red, blue or green ink only available per 6 pieces of the same size.

For stamps with only plain text (alleen rechte tekst) the low prices in the pricelist are applicable.

The high prices are for stamps with a logo or picture,  or with round-set text.

When you order a stamp online, please put the right size in your shopping cart and send an E-mail to with the name of your choice of font and the exact text (with capitals, points, comma's etc.) and/or image that you want in your stamp. Also I need to know if you want the text aligned at the left/right or in the middle.

Please note: because of the size of the stamps they can only be mailed as a parcel. 

Download the pricelist to see the actual sizes of the stamps.

12 x 12 mm with only straight text

Download this file for a sheet with all available fonts: