Eefde, June 2020


Dear customers,


Good news! The english webshop,, is finally ready!

It took a lot of time to copy all the products and put them in a new webshop. Then all the links between stamps and plates and vice versa had to be renewed. Dull work, but now everything is working as it should. No more double baskets (caused by using the search function and choosing an article in another language that was put in a new basket), so no more frustrations for you!

Just give it a try!


To make a bit of space in my shop I have decided to sell out Memento Luxe inkpads and refills and Versafine inkpads. If you order 5 pads (or 5 refills), you only pay 4 of them. Just remember to put the first “product” of the list (the one that says buy 5, pay 4) in your basket first, once for every 5 pads (or refills, they have got their own version). That way I cannot forget to deduct the price of one pad/refill from the total amount.

I do not have many pads/refills in stock anymore, so if you want to profit you have to be fast. Gone =  gone! When they are sold I can still provide them when you order them, but it can take some time before I order at my wholesaler. To save money I have to order for a certain amount to get free shipping.


Do not forget to take a look at the Cherry Pie stamps. There are only a few left, and I will not order at Cherry Pie anymore. So if you still have some of them on your wishlist… do not wait any longer, as they may be sold out by then!


The Creativa has been postponed once again, this time to the week immediately after Stempelmekka. If big shows are allowed by then I will attend Stempelmekka, but NOT Creativa. But I doubt if big shows will be considered safe by then.

But do remember: the webshop is open 24/7, you can even order from your lazy chair in the garden if you want!


I wish you a great summer, with nice weather and a lot of creativity!


Jetske Masmeijer