Memento inkpads, dew drops and refills

Memento Ink pad

Memento is a Dye ink, a fastdrying ink that does not fade with good coverage. The ink can also be used on glossy paper.

The inkpad has a solid felt underground with a tight woven tissue topside, that does not fray when used direct to paper.

It is a waterbased ink, which makes it suitable to colour images with water and a pinsel.

Characteristics of Dye inks:

  • Solid felt ink pad with a layer of fabric over it
  • The ink is thin and transparent
  • Absorbs in the paper
  • Dries very fast
  • The colour of the pad is usually darker than the colour of the print
  • It may be a bit harder to see if the stamp is inked well
  • On darker paper (like craft paper) the print is less visible because the ink is absorbed
  • Not suitable for heat embossing

Memento inkpads are available in two sizes: the dew drop, a small drop-shaped pad, and the normal inkpads of 7 x 10 cm. There are also refills available.