Black Friday - Cyber Monday offers

valid from Friday 26 November to Monday 29 November 2021


To take advantage of the offer, this offer must be placed in the shopping cart, supplemented with the items to which that offer should apply. Prices are adjusted manually, so wait to pay until you receive the new amount (plus shipping costs) by e-mail. Orders are handled in the order of receipt, for some items the rule is gone = gone. Because the German and English website are not linked to the Dutch website, it is possible that an order has been placed there before, so that an article turns out to be sold out. You will then be given the opportunity to choose a replacement item.


Choose from the following inks:

- Distress and Distress Oxide, both pads and refills

- StazOn pigment

- Memento Luxe, both pads and refills

- Adirondack

- Pinata alcoholink


Don't forget to put this offer in your shopping cart!

The discount will be calculated manually.

Choose from all Cherry Pie stamps and plates and receive a 50% discount on the total amount of Cherry Pie stamps. The discount will be calculated manually.


Don't forget to put this offer in your shopping cart!

Put this offer in your shopping cart and choose any Dutch Doobadoo stencil you like. The discount will be calculated manually.

You can choose from the following colours:

- Antiquities Christmastree (discount 2,60 euro)

- Copper (only the normal powder, not the extra fine detail) (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Gold extra fine detail (so not the normal powder) (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Silver AND/OR Silver extra fine detail (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Pearls green (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Pearls blue (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Pearls violet (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Holographic (discount = 2,00 euro)

- Glow in the dark (Judikins) (discount = 2,90 euro)


Do not forget to put this offer in your shoppingcart, then add the powder(s) of your choice. Also choose the way of shipping the powder(s), in a grip bag as a letter or in a jar as a parcel.

Parcels are expensive!!!

Orders over 75 euro will get a discount on the shipping costs, depending on the amount of the order.


The discount will be calculated manually!

When you order for at least 50 euro you can choose a black refill for free. Make your choice, put it in the shopping cart and add this bonus. Only then you will get the refill for free, without this "bonusarticle" the refill will have to be paid for.


Not really difficult, just think! Put this bonus in your shopping cart first and then choose your refill, so you cannot forget the bonus!


Attention! The final amount of your order including the discounts determines whether this offer applies! So do a bit of calculating yourself please!


The amount of the refill will be deducted manually.